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I'm a web developer and I enjoy C#, ASP.NET, IIS, XML, MS SQL Server, Windows Server, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, responsive developement and working alongside Quality Engineers, UI Designers and Content authors.

I am self-employed and always available for freelance work, so if you have a project and 've come this far, don’t hesitate to get in touch, there's always Skype, or you could email me: i[at]vikasrana[dot]com.

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How to make the RDP PCI DSS Compliant with TLS 1.2 - Windows Server 2012, R2 and 2016

PCI DSS is must require for companies that accept card payments. It recommends the best practices for server security for almost every service which can be accessed remotely from the server. RDP Encryption is not good enough alone, we will have to change the server defaults and remove any backward compatibility which is not recommended by the PCI compliance.

On this page I'm going to start from basics but will cover almost every point. ...

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How to capture IP Addreess in Event ID 4625

Server Cloak do work even when Event ID 4625 failed to capture the Source IP Address by monitoring log from RemoteDesktopServices's Core. I've tested the same on Server 2012 & R2 & Server 2016. Its possible and secure to use Server Cloak with NTLM enable and with encrypted connection.

The issue:
While ...

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Server Cloak - Intrusion Prevention System

Server Cloak is an Intrusion Prevention System that works with windows firewall developed to protect windows servers from attacks that are intended to hack the server or provide any operational damage. By keeping eye on event logs in windows event viewer and sniffing system's network activities Server Cloak capture and log any failed/denied inbound calls from IPv4 as well as IPv6. Once the calls reaches its limit, the service immediately tells w ...

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Minify and compress content files like .axd, .js and .css on runtime with caching

The content files are not minimized by default. I've created a module that handle all the content files like .axd, .css, .js file requests and render it after minify and caching with http compression.

<modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true">
<add name="ContentModule" type="ContentModule&q ...

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